Helfio - your health in one place

1. What is helfio?

Helfio is the system supporting helath of people at all over the world.

2. Is using helfio safe?

Yes, it is. Helfio is secured by the safest security certificates as well as helfio underwent the security audit and is using the latest solutions securing the system against the cyberattacks.

3. What is the BMI, pulse and glucose diagram used for?

There are three types of charts which are responsible for controlling your weight, heart, and the glucose level in your body. Controlling these parametres is absolutely essential as most deaths on our planet are strictly related to heart diseases or a circulatory system.

4. Why do we collect data about your health issues?

Our health-related issues information should be collected throughout our life. By keeping all medical records in one place we have quick access to both data of people we look after or of our own.

5. Why should we mark the side effects (if any at all occur) after taking medicament or being vaccinate?

Marking the side effects will help in the analysis of how a human being responds to them (see the helfio reports).

6. In what way may I download my medical history?

Medical history may be generated in the „health history” bookmark or “current health problem” bookmark by selecting “export data”.

7. How are the reports generated?

The reports are generated on the basis of the helfio system users’ health-related experience and work on the grounds of statistical analysis.

8. Who can be added and what is the main objective of it?

Any person can be added to the system regardless of their age. However, the essence of this facility is making you able to care for the particular person to a greater degree, that is keeping a medical record, remembering about doctors’ appointments and making the person take the right pills at the right time.

9. Is the callendar synchronised with the mobile phone?

Yes, it is.

10. What does information about allergenes give you?

This information will rapidly enable the people rescuing your life to check and recognise the allergenes which endanger your life.

11. How does the Helfio Community work and what is its main objective?

The Helfio Community is based on mutual searching for people who have similar health-related issues (people search will come into force at the beginning of 2019). Not only can people get in touch but also they can help or talk about the same issue with each other. It is etremely crucial for the users to update their profiles as the percentage of mutual help will thereby increase.

12. Do you intend to enhance the system functionality?

Yes, we do. We would like to enhance the functionalities in the helfio system year by year

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