How will we take care of your motivation?
Build healthy habits with us.

At Helfio, we rely on 3 main methods of building healthy habits:

  • 1.

    Gamification and winning prizes - for each completed task from the Daily Plan, you will receive the appropriate number of meters needed to climb mountain peaks. Become a virtual conqueror!

  • 2.

    Community support - share your achievements or difficult moments. Receive support and a huge dose of motivation.

  • 3.

    Maintaining the streak - the system will motivate you to perform at least one task from your plan, thanks to which you will build healthy habits in small steps. can also count on a virtual advisor.
Real time supported by artificial intelligence - what is it about?

Based on data analysis, the system will advise you on an ongoing basis whether a given decision is the right one, so you can be aware of your behaviors and their impact on your health.